Quality Policy

Promise of Consistant Quality
Whether small task or big one, for us it is an opportunity to prove our Quality Standards time and again to our most valued customers.
With Post Graduate Diploma in Production Engineering in 1978 with first class first in entire Gujarat State, a Farmer's son and an enthusiastic young man A. S. Baldha dreamed to start manufacturing Auto parts, particularly Tractor parts. He firmly believed that success lies in quality of the products we serve, we have been convinced for decades and it has been a part of our belief system that quality always wins greater competition. So we always make sure that whatever we offer to our customers is of good quality.
To keep stringent quality of our products, we have dedicated team for procuring standard raw materials, physical and chemical testing, crack detection in bars, soft stage inspection and final quality inspections. These people constantly keep their vigil on every production process. Each and every operation on different part is visually and instrumentally checked for accuracy to ensure that the end products are free of defects.
For us rejection is not only loss of our profit but the loss of our client's profit and prestige both. So on our part we always make sure that each and every Part / Component we manufacture should be free of defects and well packaged to sell easily.