It all started with a humble beginning and meta morphed in to a giant tree...


    Thinking out of box is the
    way of life for
    Technique Auto Industries.

    With a small 450sq. feet workshop in 1988 at Rajkot (Gujarat) India, we started our sojourn to create niche in the ever growing and highly promising market of Auto Parts & Components. Gradually we identified greater opportunity in Tractor Parts & Components sector due to it's ever increasing repeated demand in local as well as in Global markets.

    Today Technique Auto Industry is a name to reckon in Tractor Parts & Component markets due it's considerable share in local markets and growing overseas exports. We have simple but time tested ethics of business practice. We provide good quality products, which sales fast and reduce inventory & rejection. Hence we are respected as manufacturer of Quality Auto Spares at cheapest rate.

    We are amongst those very rare organizations in Auto / Tractor Components sector which believes and proved that quality reduces the production cost. We have made this possible with our whole hearted efforts through a team of highly skilled Engineers and Technicians in a manufacturing facility which does not had modern technology in its initial days. This strength brings us better-repeated business in Tractor and other Auto Parts manufacturing.

    Due to constant innovation in conventional machinery to get better results as well as investing in CNCs, VMCs and SPMs to handle mass production with speed and accuracy at reduced energy and manpower cost, we are able to provide extraordinary products at highly reasonable cost. We have achieved 90% manufacturing process automation in last one decade. For rapid growth and standard production CNCs, VMCs and SPMs play Key role. 100% automation of manufacturing process by 2018 is our prime goal to ensure our valued customers that they will always get in time delivery of ordered products with enhanced quality @ reduced cost.

    With constant improvement and value addition through greater customer satisfaction, we have progressed many folds in last two decades and today we have world class, fully integrated manufacturing facility of 27000 sq. feet in the outskirts of Rajkot at Kotharia Village with 100% capacity expansion planning for further market consolidation in this sector.

    Plans are afoot to become world class Branded Tractor & Auto Parts Manufacturer.

    Come; put your requirements in front of us, and we will provide you the best possible rates to enable you to consolidate your position in highly competitive local and global markets.

    Thanks and regards,

    Mr. A. S. Baldha